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The secret to successful gardening is rich, fertile soil. If you aren't already composting, start now! Use a compost bin to turn your yard waste and kitchen scraps into compost, the "black gold" of gardening.

Don't kill your knees flower gardening. Use this convenient garden kneeler, which can be used as a stool, or flipped upside down to kneel on.

The unique shape of a circle hoe lets you safely work between flowers that are planted close together. The sides of the circle hoe are dull to prevent contact damage with plants.

Small, yet superior in strength, this Dutch perennial planting tool is the master at dividing perennials, lifting weeds and planting bulbs.

These ultra thin-but-tough nitrile gardening gloves let you feel what you're doing while weeding, thinning, pruning, even picking up individual seeds.

The strange looking design of this garden fork works ergonomically to let you use the power of your entire arm instead of just your wrist. Also makes a great gardening gift.

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